Friday, 3 February 2012

HR#20 Short Entry

Assalamualaikummm. :)

Only a short entry to post Mr. Bean's dance that I found just now. :))
Hee, saje nak bagi korang fun sikit. Cute kan Mr. Bean. :D Try ar dance macam tu okayyhhh! :)
Ok, see yaa!

HR#19 I miss a letter. It was.....



Oh, I miss a letter again. It was U !  :(
It was MAR (Comot) X)

Got from one of my friend's wall Facebook status.

Psttt, Comot cuti weekend ni. Hip hip hooraaayyyh! :)

Plans : Jogging , Badminton . Yeay, lots of fun !

This Monday pulak maybe ada girls day out. Oh, mesti best gilaaaa. :) 

Can't wait for both day out. :) 

Ok, tata! :)