Monday, 30 January 2012

HR#18 Surprise Birthday Partayyy!

 Assalamualaikummm.... :)
(tak jawab dosaaa.)

Okayyy, last Thursday my brother buat surprise birthday party untuk his wife, kak Eton. :) 

Untungla kannnn. :) Okayy, let the pictures tell the stories. :D

My brother and my sis in law.

Comot dengan baby Amsyar. :D

Elletonz Family. 

My second sister, hubby and son (in white).

Then, pictures of us. :D Using Samsung Galaxy Note. XD

And my most favourite picture is...... 

Comot trying to make his eyes look like mine. XD So comel syg!

K, tata u ols. :)

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